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Hong Kong Family Movement 齊家運動

The Hong Kong Family Movement started in 1994 in the International Year of Family. The Spiritual Director is Rev. Giovanni Giampietro, who initiates the birth of the Movement. The Diocesan office for Laity Formation Centre & Caritas - Hong Kong are organizers of the Movement. In the beginning, we had about six groups in three parishes. Now, it expands to 29 groups (about 169 families) in 18 parishes in the Hong Kong Diocese.

Aim of the Movement:

To help Catholic couples to live their marriage vow and to develop their children's religious formation through the sharing and support of a family community.


Four to eight families from the same parish meet monthly. Content of the meeting includes prayers, bible sharing, sharing of daily life experiences in marital relationship and parenting issues, and discussion of social issues affecting families.

The group is led by a catholic social worker from Caritas - Hong Kong.

The Family Movement is co-ordinated by a Core Group, which would plan the direction of the Movement and different levels of activities. The Core Group met bi-monthly, and group members started to participated in it since Feb. 1999.


  1. Annual Formation for members of the Movement All members would meet once a year on the Holy Family Day for discussion and understanding of social issues that affected families in Hong Kong. Starting from 1998, the Annual Meeting was organized by the group members, which signified their further involvement and participation.

  2. Quarterly Meeting of the Social Workers - the group leaders The social workers have regular meeting to develop and share ways to lead Christian Communities and cultivate their own spiritual formation. Discussion of strategy for expansion of the Movement is the theme as well.

  3. Other Formation Activities
    1. In Oct 1998, the first family retreat was held, and parents were eager to explore ways to be evangelization agents to their children and community.
    2. Quarterly Formation Programme for parents also started in April 1999. The theme for April meeting is "How our Faith helps families cope with financial crisis". The July meeting is "How parents facilitated the Emotional and Religious Formation of their children".
    3. In order to help the second generation of the Family Movement to develop their personality and affiliation, a summer camp with follow-up meetings were organized for those 10 to 12 years old. The experience is fruitful.

  4. Annual Campaign

Last update : 13 September 1999

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